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New: Entrepreneurship. A way of life

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. However, studies show that entrepreneurship still remains a structural and cultural anomaly in continental Europe. Starting from this hypothesis Rudy Aernoudt and Marc Van Rompaey show how Europe could be made entrepreneurship-friendly.

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The first volume in our new series European Contract Law and Theory is just published!

Rules and Principles in European Contract Law (edited by Jacobien Rutgers and Pietro Sirena) discusses the effect of constitutional principles, common principles to the laws of the EU Member States and whether common principles can be transferred into rules in contract law.

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New and recently updated study tools

Intersentia expands its educational catalogue continuously. Recent additions are:

- Comparative Concepts of Crilminal Law (edited by Johannes Keiler and David Roef;

- the second and updated edition of European Migration Law (by Pieter Boeles, Maarten den Heijer, Gerrie Lodder and Kees Wouters); and

- the sixth edition of European Social Security Law (by Frans Pennings).

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